Thank you for gold-triangelsharing in this s.a.c.r.e.d s.p.a.c.e, I’m honored to have you here with me. I consider this space to be a portal into an ethereal commonplace, one with a specific resonance that you’re attuned to. It is no mistake that you are here, Beloved.

This space is about evolution, creativity, passion, consciousness, and love. The kind of energy that can’t be stopped. It’s a spark, a raw creative energy, our Soul Essence.

First we feel it in our hearts, it’s a fire that never burns out and warms the Soul.

Somehow, over time that fire starts to feel a little too hot, so we try to tame it. It becomes a little too bright, so we try to hide it.

What we used to dampen the flames only fed the fire, and hiding the light only created more smoke. Now it’s turned into a signal fire. The smoke blinds us, it doesn’t let us breathe. Thought it was hot before? Now we’re burning.

Don’t hide your magic. Let your Essence rise. It’s a force so great, driven by pure love and ecstasy, it’s here to keep you alive and true to YOU. Essence can’t be stopped. It shouldn’t be stopped. metatrons-cube-pink

This space is here to trigger remembrance. Remembrance of your own Divine Essence. It’s here to help you come back into your truest Self, your Highest Glory, to re-member all facets of your Wholeness, and lead you back to the love that you have for yourself. It’s there.

I’m here to stand by your side as you walk this path. I work with beautiful beings who are here to remember, harness, and embody their Soul Essence.

Everyone has to start somewhere… and along the way we all find that our fire consumes us again and again, and we’re right back at the start.

Life moves in a cyclical motion. We’re here to revisit our cloudiest times so that we can help shine a light where we needed it most. We are our own most powerful guides and healers. There’s nothing that our intuition cannot navigate, and the only thing that ever truly stops our Essence and Brightest Hearts from shining, is ourselves.wheel-blue

I’m here to empower you on this path. To remind you that there is always a choice and that there is always a way. I’m here to help rebuild and strengthen the faith in the process of your life and the creation of your story. You don’t have to struggle, life’s lessons are here to help you learn and move forward, not stop and hide away.

I work with soulful individuals who know in their very BEING that the portal to the brightest light is within the depths and shadows.

I know what it’s like to know that you’re here for a reason, but feel like your direction is scattered. And to tell you the truth, no matter what anyone says, there will always be times when you feel like you’re off the ‘path’, or you feel disheartened and confused.

You are exactly where you need to be, even if it’s not where you want to be. This is a pivotal step towards Essence Embodiment. There is nothing that I have to teach you, you already know all that you need. What I’m here for is to remind you of this. To prove to you that you are your own Oracle, Guide, and Healer.

I’m just a reminder of this, a resting place where you can replenish and be given the space to breathe and integrate.seed-of-life-gold

My readings aren’t here to tell you your future. They are here to give insight into what’s real for you now. They are here to help you ground and gain clarity, to connect to your own Cosmic and Divine Being-ness. I am a translator for what your Essence Self is Saying to you. Truly, I won’t be telling you anything that you didn’t already know, at least on an energetic / Higher level. I’m here to help your consciousness expand so that you may become aware of what it is your Soul is saying to you.

Our Reiki sessions together aren’t here so that you can feel like you have to rely on me, or any other practitioner, energy worker, or healer out there. I’m here for when you need a break, when your body, mind, soul, and energetic presence are calling for extra attention. You are the only one who can decide if this is something you’d like to do for yourself, to add as a piece of your self-care. It’s here so that you can circulate and radiate your brightest, happiest Self.

Our Soul Streaming is here so that I may reflect to you the brilliance of who you are. To take your hand and let you know that I am standing strong beside you.

Regardless of how we work together, it is always within the intention of expanded and loving consciousness, of integration, and to spark the path to your lighted and Divine Sovereignty.

Are you ready to get started?

There are plenty of things to do here. I consider this space to be an alchemical container, of sorts. One that holds sacred portal ways into our Highest Selves.

There are writings, and transmissions/Oracle Messages that are here for you to deepen into, there’s even a sacred sharing space where I express some of the deepest aspects of my heart. I am here in devoted service to you and your heart, one of my callings is to deepen into sacred prayer, there is also a prayer request page where you can submit what emerges from your being. Or, we can dive in and work together.

Here is a glimpse as to what is offered…

Soul Level Guidance Readings

Let’s tune into the f.r.e.q.u.e.n.c.y of you – what is your heart calling for you to know? Together, we can dive into the questions and curiosities that you’ve been wondering to help you feel invigorated and in loving, wholesome alignment with your Higher Self and Soul’s Essence.

Distance Reiki Sessions

Listen to the whispers of your body and Soul. Let’s melt into reparative relaxation. Align, Refresh, and Replenish with time set aside just for you to help heal and nourish your body, Spirit, Soul, and mind.

Reiki is a healing modality that works on the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a being. It is Universal Life Force Energy that knows where it needs to go for the highest good of all. Your own internal intuition and Higher Self will help your consciousness e.x.p.a.n.d to accept the Reiki on the deepest levels where healing is needed. Your Reiki experience is always lovingly and completely tailored to .:you:. naturally, for the greatest needs at the time.

Soul Streams

Each week, we’ll deepen our connection through our messages. Sharing and exploring anything from what you’ve experienced that week, to help with decoding your dreams, spiritual guidance and meditation, or simply deepening in a heart-share of those intense emotions that sit within our hearts.

The Weekly Soul Streams are here to help you connect to the deepest essence of your Soul Self with the grounded application of writing and honest connection. You set the focus that you need, and I’ll stay the course with you. This may just be the spark you need to ignite your individual path.